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There are over 410,000 children in foster care in the United States.
Almost 100,000 need adoptive homes right now.
About 25,000 age out of foster care every year, at age 18 without anyone, to live on their own, unprepared and unsupported.

Can you change the life of a waiting child?
Can you adopt? Can you foster? Or maybe you can start a Heart Gallery or volunteer for one?

Source: AFCARS 2015, for fiscal year 2014


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What is the Heart Gallery?

The Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find forever families for children in foster care. The Heart Gallery of America is a collaborative project of over 80 Heart Galleries across the United States designed to increase the number of adoptive families for children needing homes in our community.

Now, in its fifteenth year, the Heart Gallery model is being replicated in many communities across the country. Although many of our children were removed from abusive and neglectful situations, they still have hope. They love to laugh, to learn, and to be with their friends. Most of all, they dream of finding a forever family to be their own.

Photos That Change People's Lives (click below for video)

Video courtesy of Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay
Heart Gallery Related News

Mixed Roots Foundation Partners with T-Mobile and many others at the Minnesota Twins 4th Annual Adoptee Night

In celebration of its 5 Year Anniversary, Mixed Roots Foundation will go back to their Minnesota roots and present its 4th Annual ‘Adoptee Night’ with the MN Twins in partnership with T-Mobile this year as they take on the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday, August 24, 2016 at 7:10 p.m. at Target Field. T-Mobile will sponsor 200 kids to assist with helping Mixed Roots Foundation reach its goal of sending 1,500 adopted and foster care kids to the game along with providing purple rally towels that will be given to each Adoptee Night attendee

New Mexico State University Sponsors CYFD Foster Parent Conference

Online registration is now open for the 2016 CYFD Foster Parent Conference! The annual conference, brought to you by CYFD and the NMSU School of Social Work, will be held Sept. 9-10 in Albuquerque.

Be a Superhero – Adopt from Foster Care

Children in Illinois seeking foster and adoptive parents – all ages, stages and ethnicities. Learn about the children who are waiting and learn about the possibilities. Anyone can be a foster parent and/or adopt from foster care as these programs do not discriminate against age, income, marital status, gender or sexual orientation. Adoption from foster care and being a foster parent is free of cost. This is a great place to start or continue your foster care and adoption journey whether or not you have a foster care license. You do not need a foster care license to attend this event. Several agencies will be available to guide you through the licensing process. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a foster and/or adoptive parent, allowing you to champion a child who needs you.

Love One Ministry and Georgia Heart Gallery at Savannah Christian Church

On September 10th Love One is teaming up with Heart Gallery of Georgia and we are Rounding Up Families for Adoption!! Hope you can cowboy up and join us for some fun as we help make some forever families and raise awareness to the fatherless in Georgia! The Fall Heart Gallery event will be held at Savannah Christian Church’s LINK building to raise awareness for adoptive families for foster care children in Georgia. The photographic exhibit will display children in foster care who are available to be adopted and are waiting for a forever family. There will be arts and crafts, games, and food for the whole family.

Illinois: Let It Be Us is Having a Golf Outing

Join us at Hawthorn Woods Country Club as we have a lot of fun together while raising money to support our mission – the adoption and education of children in Illinois foster care. This is a wonderful opportunity to golf on one of the most beautiful, private golf courses in Illinois. Guests will enjoy dinner, along with a program to include our Keynote Speaker: George Sheldon, Director of DCFS. There is also a silent auction that includes tickets from the broadway show Hamilton, sports tickets, exclusive trips and so much more.

Heart Gallery Related News

Indiana Heart Gallery Opens at Skyzone in Fort Wayne

Have you thought about adopting through foster care or know someone who is interested? This event is for you! Join us for an evening of fun at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park! This will be a great opportunity for families and individuals to learn more about adoption through foster care in a fun, informal setting and also enjoy a FREE night at Sky Zone. Adoption staff will be on-hand to answer your questions about adoption through foster care. You will also be able to view the full Heart Gallery exhibit of children waiting for a family to call their own!

Children Awaiting Parents Seeks Volunteers in the Rochester New York Area

We are a national not-for-profit dedicated to finding loving homes for America's abused, abandoned, and neglected children who are free for adoption. Most of the children are older (often teens); have physical, mental, and/or emotional illness; are children of color; and may have brothers and sisters who wish to be placed together.

Nebraska Heart Gallery: How to Become an Adoptive Parent In Nebraska

Loving, compassionate individuals can discover space in their hearts and homes for children in need of a forever family. No matter your age, there are always firsts to celebrate. When you become an adoptive parent you open the door to many wonderful firsts for you and your children. There are currently nearly 250 children in foster care in the greater Omaha area looking for their forever home. What firsts can you help them celebrate?

Celebrate Me Home Video from Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco

Celebrate Me Home is an annual celebration of Heart Gallery activities sponsored by the Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco counties, Florida. Find out more about what adoption means!

Stats Show More than 10,000 North Carolina kids are in Foster Care; The Numbers Keep Rising

A growing number of children in North Carolina need a permanent home, according to new numbers released from the Children’s Home Society of North Carolina. “Our focus right now is to reverse those trends. We really believe that one child without a permanent family is one too many,” said Matt Anderson, senior director of advocacy and development for CHS, which is the largest private adoption agency in the state. The society cites data from the Jordan Institute for Families at UNC-Chapel Hill, which finds that more than 10,300 children are in foster care. That’s an almost 25 percent increase from a five-year low in 2011.

Northwest Missouri Experiences Increased Need for Foster Homes

Recently there has been an increase in the number of children needing foster care and a decrease in families willing to help. Northwest Missouri’s five-county region has between 80 ad 85 children in the foster care system and 10 licensed foster homes. There are about 30 homes in which family members have taken in children who are relatives.

Aspiring Math Teacher Harriniqa Wants A Family To Count On

13-year-old Harriniqa loves to chat it up with her friends, and says they’d describe her as loud and funny. But for people just getting to know her, she shows her quieter side. While getting pampered at a local day spa, she talked about her big plans for the future. She wants to go to college, and travel to New York City and a Florida beach. And she wants to help kids learn for a living. Harriniqa wants to teach math class because that’s her favorite subject. She knows adding parents to her life will help bring her dreams to reality.

Indiana Heart Gallery hopes to get kids adopted

Too many children in Indiana are searching for, and not finding, adoptive parents. That's where the Indiana Heart Gallery comes in. At any given time in Indiana, about 200 children in foster care are yearning to be adopted. The Heart Gallery aims to help those 9 and older get adopted, since younger children are adopted more frequently.


Jeremiah’s a sweet, playful kid who loves games of all kinds.  He can be a little shy, but he has a big heart and he cares for other people, and so it makes sense that his biggest goal is to become a fireman when he grows up. He tries hard in school – excelling especially in math – and he’s very proud of being chosen as a library aide this year. He is a very thoughtful, loving kid who wants and deserves to have his sweet, affectionate nature reciprocated by a forever family. Jeremiah will thrive in a loving, patient two-parent home that will nurture his many talents and help him to retain contact with his family out-of-state. If you are interested in knowing more about Jeremiah and other children in foster care available for adoption, or if you would like to become a foster parent, mentor, partner or volunteer, please contact LaKay Fayson, Recruitment Coordinator for One Church One Child of Florida, at 813-740-0210 or For more information, log on to

Our children are sleeping in state offices

Tonight, children in Oregon's foster care system will sleep on cots in state offices. Others will sleep in motels, supervised by caseworkers. For some, this has been the situation for weeks. The lack of foster homes and therapeutic placements for traumatized children has reached a crisis level, and Oregon's most vulnerable children are paying an exorbitant price. No parent would support this arrangement for his or her own children, and we, as juvenile court judges, are calling on state and local governments to immediately address this crisis and for more Oregonians to become foster parents.

A home of his own: Caleb, 14, wants an outdoorsy forever family

Caleb is a charming 14 year old with a contagious smile and laugh. He enjoys making others laugh as well. Caleb presents as very smart and observant of the world around him. Hunting, camping and the great outdoors are the key to this young boy's heart. In addition to hunting and camping, survival skills, building, fishing and adventures that include exploring are some of his other favorite activities. On his adventures, he will often find lizards, frogs and salamanders around his house.

15-year-old seeks a forever family

15-year-old Iona has loved music for as long as she can remember. She says it moves and inspires her. She enjoys all kind of music, and learning new instruments, and especially singing. Aside from choir class, Iona loves math and science the most. She calls herself “weird,” but says it’s a good thing… Because what’s normal anyway? Iona hopes she can find a family that is down to earth and not afraid to be silly. In a home with parents she can depend on, with a family that will let her be the kid she is.

From Foster Homes to Family

These twins, Gavin and Taylor, came into Kammer's life years ago. They were born to Kammer's brother and sister-in-law, before being removed from that home by the state over his brother.s substance abuse, Kammer said. The boys and their biological sister went to different foster homes, one in Warrenton with about 10 other children, Kammer recalls. Kammer says by the time Gavin and Taylor were placed with him, they had already been shuffled through several different foster homes.

Rhode Island Adoptive Mom and Heart Gallery Founder Named Parade Grand Marshall

Lisa Konicki, president of the Ocean Community Chamber of Commerce, was selected for the honor by the parade’s permanent committee. According to Joseph Potter, permanent committee president, grand marshal candidates are community leaders whose efforts over a long period of time have had an impact in a meaningful way to the local communities.

A home of their own: Sweet sibling trio want a social forever family

Kaliah, Dionte, and Shanelle are a social, sweet, fun, and very adorable sibling group eager to find a loving and devoted forever family.

Learn About Quinton and Quinteona

Quinteona is a loving, caring, and helpful sister most of the time. She states that she wants to be a lawyer to help people or a criminal justice investigator and has the knowledge and skills to do so. Quinton states that he can be shy until he gets to know someone. He loves to play outside, swim, play video games and watch TV. Quinton and Quinteona love spending time with one another and laughing. They would love a forever family that enjoys spending quality time together and having fun.

Massachusetts Adoption Exchange

MARE finds "a permanent place to call home" for children in foster care, including sibling groups and children who are traditionally harder to place. We do this by recruiting and supporting families throughout the adoption process, while targeting recruitment efforts to find families for specific children. So far, MARE has helped over 6,300 children join their "forever families."

Apryl - Learning to Connect, Seeking a Forever Family

7-year-old Apryl is in her element when she’s outside and free to explore! If you like to swing, run and jump, you and Apryl will get along just fine. Apryl has come a long way in a short amount of time. She is learning new ways to let others know what she wants. Those who care for her know what she needs most of all - a forever family, secure in a home where she can continue to learn and grow, have fun and be loved by parents who will always be there.

Arkansas Needs Foster Parents

Omer Overbay said when he went to work for the Arkansas Department of Community and Family Services (DCFS) recently he did not know there was such a strong need for local foster families. "The need is extreme here in our area and especially here in Greene County," he said. Overbay, the DCFS community engagement specialist for Area 8, spoke of the issues facing local foster children on Wednesday at the Paragould Rotary Club. "We have a great need for foster parents," Overbay said. "In Arkansas alone there are over 5,000 children in the foster care system and only 3,300 beds available for those kids, so that means that there are a lot of kids being placed in emergency beds statewide."

Three young siblings are smart and kind

Jahlil, Jamarie, and Ricardo are siblings of Hispanic and Caucasian descent whose wish is to live in a family together. Their worker describes all three children as smart and kind, and they are doing well in their respective foster homes. Jahlil, Jamarie, and Ricardo will need a family that is patient and energetic. A future family will need to be open to post-adoption visits with their birth mother. The boys have some allergies that would need to be monitored, including significant allergies to cats. Ricardo also has allergy symptoms around dogs so it is recommended they not be placed in a home with either animal. Can you provide the guidance, love, and stability that a child needs? If you’re at least 18 years old, have a stable source of income, and room in your heart, you may be a perfect match to adopt a waiting child. Adoptive parents can be single, married, or partnered; experienced or not; renters or homeowners; LGBTQ singles and couples.

Opinion: Texas families must act to help foster children

The reason children are sleeping in state offices is a lack of private homes ready to take them in. As the Austin American-Statesman reported last month, between December 2014 and April 2016, 186 Texas children slept in offices for at least two nights. CPS caseworkers have been forced to turn visitation rooms at their offices into makeshift bedrooms.

Take Away from a Photo Shoot

Tonight there are 600 souls in our state wondering if anyone is willing to take the risk or if the sacrifice is simply too great. Let me challenge you to pray about your part in solving the orphan crisis. Let me challenge you to visit Project Zero's website and pray for waiting kids by name.

Photographs capture personalities, hope of Michigan children seeking homes

Eddie, 14, is among nine children whose photos are in the Art & Soul exhibit opening Friday at the Pontiac Creative Arts Center. He was photographed at the Red Oaks Center in Madison Heights in April. Destiny is one of nine children and teenagers whose photos became a traveling exhibit called Art & Soul of Oakland County, which looks to highlight children who are seeking permanent families by giving depth to their stories. "Sometimes I feel that nobody is aware that children are available," said Jane Cullen, a program manager at Orchards Children's Services. "We've heard of foster care. ... but we don't as a community always understand the level of need out of there."

A home of his own: DeaQuan, age 12, will win your heart in an instant

DeaQuan is an on-the-move guy who enjoys activities and can always find something interesting to captivate his attention. He loves to be outside and is especially fond of kickball and anything that keeps him running, jumping, and climbing. He had a great time at a gymnastics center and was very excited to go back again. He learned to boulder there and scaled the rock wall with no problem!

Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay's New Website!

If you didn't like their old black site, check this swanky new one out! It's got listings, news videos, and even a picture of the whole gang! Miraculously, even the links to their current listings worked! Click here!

South Carolina has 428 children legally free for adoption

Learn about the basic steps to adoption... these are the steps for South Carolina, but they are similar in many states.

Calendar of Iowa Information Sessions-August

This is a calendar for Iowa's Information Sessions for August 2016. *Des Moines *Cedar Rapids *Brooklyn *Denison *Clinton *Sioux City *Dubuque *Waterloo *Davenport *Council Bluffs *Muscatine Let's make a difference together. Come explore foster parenting at our Des Moines information session! An information session is one of the first steps to learn more about becoming a foster or adoptive parent. You'll receive a basic overview of foster care and adoption and learn about characteristics of children in the child welfare system.

Virginia Heart Gallery

The Virginia Department of Social Services is committed to providing stability for all youth in foster care. Foster parenting involves providing a nurturing and supportive home to a child or sibling group on a temporary basis until the child or sibling group can be reunified with their prior custodian, placed with a relative or as a last option, placed for adoption.

NYC Heart Gallery

Heart Gallery volunteers and staff collaborate with the NYC Administration for Children’s Services to create ongoing Heart Gallery exhibits that travel throughout the five boroughs. The exhibits, featuring beautiful, compelling portraits of New York City children taken by award-winning photographers, raise awareness of the needs of children in foster care, and assist in realizing their dreams of finding “forever families.” Mission 1.Help New York City children living in foster care realize their dreams of finding permanent, loving adoptive families 2.Raise awareness and educate the public about the thousands of children who desperately need and deserve the shelter and love of forever homes 3.Provide services (mentoring, internships, scholarships, etc.) to children at risk of aging out of foster care without the love, guidance and stability of a "forever family"

Sisters in Need of a Forever Family

This week, we want you to get to know sisters Ashanti and Destiny. Ashanti is 13-years-old. She enjoys playing basketball, riding bikes and painting. Her 11-year-old sister, Destiny, is part of the 4-H club and Journey's after-school program.

Ride for Adoption: Wendy's and Uber Announce Partnership to Benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption

Here's a ride that lets you pay it forward. Today, Wendy's® announces the launch of a partnership with Uber, a technology platform that is evolving the way the world moves, which will raise funds to help find homes for children waiting in foster care. From now until the end of the promotion, Uber will give first-time riders who register with the code '4Adoption' their first ride free (up to $15), and Wendy's will donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption®. They say nothing in life is free, but we respectfully disagree.

Meet Seth

Seth, born in May 2006 is a very interesting and creative child. He has a great imagination and is very sensitive to others moods and can pick up on this quickly. He is intuitive and intelligent. Seth loves music, singing, dancing, and the arts. He is mature for his age and has an incredible vocabulary. He is very likable and makes friends with adults easily...

North Dakota's Red River Valley Power of 100 Donates to Heart Gallery North Dakota

With all the charities making a difference in the Red River Valley, how do you choose which one to support? Power of 100 of the Red River Valley is making that easy by randomly picking three charities from a golden wheel.

Connecticut Heart Gallery

Come visit the Connecticut Heart Gallery. It is showing in Meriden, North Haven, Sherman, New Haven, Farmington, a and Bridgeport during July and August. Click for a collection of displays!

Project Dignity: Let It Be Us Seeks Backpacks for Foster Kids

Welcome to Project Dignity. When children come into foster care – often with nothing but the clothes on their backs – their arrival triggers a change to a new school. Through Let It Be Us, Project Dignity fills duffle bags with new school supplies and personal care items for these children entering foster care. The duffle bags are further used by the children as they travel through the foster care system, rather than using the traditionally used plastic garbage bags. There is an opportunity for virtually any group to jump in and help Let It Be Us fill the demands for this uniquely designed product that addresses the specific needs of these children. This need is urgent and constant. Click for how to get involved.

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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