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Waiting For Adoption

There are over 400,000 children in foster care in the United States.
Over 101,000 need adoptive homes right now.
About 25,000 age out of foster care every year, at age 18 without anyone, to live on their own, unprepared and unsupported.

Can you change the life of a waiting child?
Can you adopt? Can you foster? Or maybe you can start a Heart Gallery or volunteer for one?

Source: AFCARS 2014, for fiscal year 2013

What is the Heart Gallery?

The Heart Gallery is a traveling photographic and audio exhibit created to find forever families for children in foster care. The Heart Gallery of America is a collaborative project of over 120 Heart Galleries across the United States designed to increase the number of adoptive families for children needing homes in our community.

Now, in its thirteenth year, the Heart Gallery model is being replicated in many communities across the country. Although many of our children were removed from abusive and neglectful situations, they still have hope. They love to laugh, to learn, and to be with their friends. Most of all, they dream of finding a forever family to be their own.

Photos That Change People's Lives

Video courtesy of Children’s Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay

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Burning River Brass Ensemble and Heart Gallery in Solon, Ohio

Burning River Brass Ensemble and Heart Gallery at St. Rita Catholic Church, Solon, Ohio

The Burning River Brass Ensemble will present a Christmas concert at 3 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 21, in St. Rita Catholic Church, 32820 Baldwin Road, Solon. Free and open to all, the event will also feature the Moving Hearts Gallery, a traveling photo exhibit of kids awaiting adoption. More information is at and

News Articles

Foster families needed in Wapello Co., especially for teens

Foster families needed in Iowa County, especially for teens

A shortage of foster families in Wapello County is making the foster care situation worse than last year. According to statistics from Iowa KidsNet, in the most recent calendar year, 40 children in Wapello County entered foster care. Eighteen were ages 0-5 years of age, seven were 6-12 years of age and 15 were 13 years old or older. Comparatively, in that same year, there were 20 families available to foster children, showing a severe shortage in homes. Out of those 20 families, four were able to care for children in the 0-5 age range, 14 the 6-12 age range and only two the 13 and older age range.

Mission West Virginia Holds Open House

Mission West Virginia Holds Open House, Including Heart Galley

Mission West Virginia in Hurricane does a number of different things in the community such as helping kids in foster care find a home. On Thursday, it had an open house, so people can meet face to face with all of the people who they work with on a daily basis. They organization had its heart gallery on display, which shares information and pictures of kids in West Virginia that are hoping to be adopted.

For Good: Portrait gallery changes hearts, minds, lives

For Good: Portrait gallery changes hearts, minds, lives

Bernie Young typically got one of two reactions when she told friends that she and her husband Joe were adopting two older mixed-race siblings in foster care. "It was either 'Are you crazy?' or 'That is amazing!' No matter what, it always drew some kind of reaction," says Young with a laugh. Why? Because the Youngs were 60 and 62 respectively when the adoption papers came through. Their natural "child" was 34 at the time, with two children of her own.

Heart Gallery of Illinois Showing December 15 - January 5

Heart Gallery of Illinois on Exhibit in Chicago!

Heart Gallery of Illinois portraits will be displayed in the lobby of Adoptions Unlimited, Inc. from Monday, December 15, 2014 through Monday, January 5, 2015. Adoptions Unlimited, Inc. is located at 120 W. Madison Street in Chicago. The building lobby is open to the public, Monday through Friday, from 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Tweets about adoption during November: 71% pets, 29% kids

Tweets about adoption during November: 71% pets, 29% kids

Original article

Tweets are not everything. But they give good statistical indications of the importance that people choose to place on competing areas of human attention. The Donaldson Adoption Institute did a statistical study of the tweets during November, 2014, National Adoption Month (which is a child adoption affair) and found that 71% of the references to adoption were made to pet adoption. This corresponds to the statistics uncovered by the National Adoption Day campaign. While not everybody wants to adopt, nearly everybody can support people who make that choice. It starts by just knowing: there are underloved children in every state who need capable parents to help them grow up to be responsible adults.

Kelony From Texas Still Needs A Forever Family

Kelony From Texas Still Needs A Forever Family

Siblings Lance and Mackenzie Need A Forever Home

In partnership with Partnerships for Children, TWCN's Jennifer Borget takes her number one priority -- family-- and gives you a glimpse into the eyes of a foster child who needs one. Every Sunday, Jennifer sheds light on some of the issues surrounding foster care and adoption and introduces you to children looking for Forever Families. If you'd like to know more about a child you've seen on “Forever Families,” please contact Partnerships for Children at

Find Out About Heart Gallery Alabama Kids -- From Newly Posted Videos

Find Out About Heart Gallery Alabama Kids -- From Newly Posted Videos

Heart Gallery Alabama - All Kids

Heart Gallery Alabama - All Sibling Groups

Heart Gallery Alabama has posted a boat-load of videos on You-Tube. Each gives a unique and personal interview with one of the children who is available for adoption. Take a moment and find out about each of these children!

Former Heart Gallery child spends holidays with forever family

Former Heart Gallery Alabama Child Spends Holidays with Forever Family

Success Story: Shirley & Chance Dodd

They are processing their own grief and loss, feelings of abandonment, feeling out of place or unwanted. All they want is to be able to enjoy their "forever family." That wish has come true for Chance Dodd. Chance, a former Heart Gallery child, will be spending the holidays with his adopted mom, Shirley Dodd. Watch the video below to view their heart-warming story.

Can You Help a New York Child in Need This Holiday?

Can You Help a New York Child In Need This Holiday?

Please join us to help find adoptive homes for children in need of forever families... or provide a holiday or birthday gift for a child in need of love... your contribution will make a difference in the life of a child!

Heart Gallery Spotlights Children Awaiting Adoption

Faces of Adoption: Heart Gallery Spotlights Children Awaiting Adoption

Heart Gallery Spotlights Children Awaiting Adoption

For more than 250 children in Georgia, this Christmas will be another year they spend in foster care while awaiting adoption. But one group is hoping to reduce that number by next year's holiday season.

Tim Boyles on working with The Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco

Tim Boyles on working with The Heart Gallery of Pinellas and Pasco

Behind the Lens: Prominent photographer Tim Boyles on working with the waiting children of the Pinellas-Pasco Heart Gallery.

Adoption Through Foster Care: Micah's Story

Adoption Through Foster Care: Micah's Story

My wife and I moved to New Orleans nearly four years ago. Only six months into marriage, we already knew adoption would be a part of our family's story. But we had no clue that our desire to adopt would lead us to foster care.

Following my Heartbreak Towards a Loving Alignment: Children Waiting for a Place to Call Home

Following my Heartbreak Towards a Loving Alignment: Children Waiting for a Place to Call Home

Many years ago and long before uncovering Mr. Harvey's teaching, I was deeply struck by the reality that more than 600 children in my home state of Massachusetts wait in foster care in the hopes of being placed in adoptive homes. I became aware of the plight of these children in a moment of clarity while viewing some brilliant photographs of these kids in our local newspaper.

Heart Gallery on display now at the North Canton Public Library through January 3

Heart Gallery on display now at the North Canton Public Library through January 3

Come see the Heart Gallery on display now at the North Canton Public Library through January 3. The Heart Gallery is a traveling art exhibit featuring portraits of 14 children in Stark County who are waiting to be adopted.

Bill Cadzow on working with The Heart Gallery

Bill Cadzow on working with The Heart Gallery

Behind the Lens: Bill Cadzow of Liara Studios on working with the waiting children of the Pinellas-Pasco Heart Gallery

Polk County Missouri Seeks Help for Foster Kids after Heart Gallery Visit

Missouri Ministry Seeks Volunteers To Help Foster Kids After Heart Gallery Visit

Calling 3:16 Ministries is seeking volunteers to help foster children in Bolivar, Polk County and surrounding areas. Created by The Bean 3:16 [Coffee House] owners Angel and Matt Hovey, Calling 3:16 Ministries is under the umbrella of Community Outreach Ministries, which is home to Bolivar’s food pantry and Golden Rule Thrift Store.

Fullerton, California Heart Gallery Exhibit Promotes Awareness of Fostering Dependent Children

Fullerton, California Heart Gallery Exhibit Promotes Awareness of Fostering

Cal State Fullerton's Master of Social Work Program hosted a Heart Gallery Awareness event Thursday, Dec. 4, at the Pollak Library. The event is from 6 to 8 p.m. on the second floor of the library. The Heart Gallery is a student-led exhibit aimed at raising awareness and promoting the adoption and fostering of dependent children in Orange County, through the display of photographs of dependent children awaiting a permanent home. The project is part of CSUF's Master of Social Work Program. The students collaborating on the exhibit have incorporated handmade posters as a way of humanizing their project. In this way, their efforts stay focused on the programs and individuals they serve.

San Angelo, Texas Woman Seeks to Change Children's Lives Through Pictures

San Angelo, Texas Woman Seeks to Change Children's Lives Through Pictures

Children -- mostly alone, but sometimes in groups of up to five siblings -- are posed on the 20x30 prints, a visual reminder that although they appear beautiful and happy, none of them currently have a home. Samantha Crumrine has made these images her life's work, collaborating with local photographers and children's agencies to compose a gallery of the county's foster children currently waiting for adoption, in the hopes that many will soon find their "forever home". Operating as a part of The Heart Gallery of Northwest Texas, the organization seeks to draw attention to the need for foster and adoptive homes locally and encourage the community to consider adoption.

All I Want For Christmas

New Mexico Heart Gallery: All These Children Want For Christmas is...

Kids in foster care will rip your freakin' heart out!

On any given day, nearly 2,500 New Mexico children need short- or long-term foster care. The children featured in this video are all currently in foster care and longing to find their "forever homes." To find out more about fostering or adopting a New Mexico child, visit

Please Consider Adoption in Helena, Alabama

Please Consider Adoption in Helena, Alabama

To see some of the children that are waiting for families you can visit our partner, Heart Gallery of Alabama, at . If you or someone you know would be interested in learning more about the adoption process is your area please contact call 1-866-4-AL-KIDS.

Adoptive and Foster Families Are Needed Throughout South Carolina

Adoptive and Foster Families Are Needed Throughout South Carolina

ADOPTIVE AND FOSTER FAMILIES are needed for children throughout South Carolina. A VIDEO EXHIBIT of the South Carolina Heart Gallery Foundation, created to help locate adoptive homes for children in foster care, is online at Call 803-734-2595.

Starbucks in Talahassee and Panama City, Florida to host heart galleries

Starbucks in Talahassee and Panama City, Florida to host heart galleries

North Florida Partnership To Help Adopt Foster Kids May Branch Out Statewide

During December, five Starbucks locations in Tallahassee and Panama City will be featuring photos of children up for adoption, courtesy of the Heart Gallery, a photography exhibit that helps find permanent homes for children in foster care.

Giving Tuesday: Who I Support

#GivingTuesday: Who I Support

Jessamyn adds her vote and support to A Family For Every Child's Heart Gallery, and encourages others to do your research, ask questions. pray and listen, support things that move you personally, share locally and abroad, give generously, worship fully, spend less, give more, and love all.

Heart Gallery Helps Lubbock, Texas Family to adopt; adoptions just finalized

Heart Gallery Helps Lubbock, Texas Family to adopt; adoptions just finalized

A walk through the mall at the time the Heart Gallery, a gallery of kids up for adoption, was on display, led the couple to reaffirm their decision, Ann said. “There are professional photographers who take pictures of children who are ready to be adopted,” Ann said. “Parents have relinquished their rights to those children. Those kids are available for adoption.”

Project Zero Helps Children Waiting For Adoption

Christie Erwin of Arkansas' Project Zero Helps Children Waiting For Adoption

“One child came up to me and said, ‘Mrs. Christie, I want you to help find me a family, or a foster family. I am tired of being in the shelters.’” This is a heavy burden for Erwin to bear, but she does it knowing that for every statement like this comes an unexpected call from a loving family looking for an addition. “Tapping people who are unsuspecting and finding that perfect family keeps me going,” says Erwin. “We want to find the right family, not just any old family.”...

Adoption Rhode Island Heart Gallery

The Tenth Annual Adoption Rhode Island Heart Gallery

Video on WJAR adoption page

The video for the Tenth Annual Rhode Island Heart Gallery has been unveiled. Who are the children in Rhode Island state care waiting for adoption? They are children with many strengths, and talents waiting to be nurtured. They are Caucasian, African-American, Hispanic or Multi-Racial and come from a variety of ethnic and religious backgrounds. Although the majority are school-aged, there are children of all ages. Nearly all have suffered abuse or neglect. Some of the children have been waiting for several years and have had multiple foster care and group home placements, resulting in numerous losses and separations. Many of the children are very resilient and courageous. Like all children, they will make you laugh and make you cry; they will bring you joy and bring you challenges. All are children who need love, guidance, and a sense of belonging that only a family can provide.

Heart Gallery Alabama at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church

Birmingham's Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church hosts Heart Gallery Alabama

During the month of December, the Heart Gallery exhibit will be on display at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church in Birmingham. If you are in the area stop by and check it out!

Connecticut Heart Gallery visits Bridgeport, Wallingford, Groton, New Haven, Brookfield, and Seymour

Connecticut Heart Gallery exhibit locations (revised)

Connecticut Heart Gallery November 2014 Exhibit Locations: Waterbury, Bridgeport, Hartford, Middletown, Wallingford, Orange, New Haven, Seymour, and Farmington

Penn Station 2014

Heart Gallery NYC Concludes National Adoption Month Exhibits, Says Thank You!

The Heart Gallery NYC Exhibit was on display in Penn Station in the Amtrak Rotunda during the week of November 16th in honor of National Adoption Month. Awareness of the Heart Gallery NYC cause and the children that we serve was raised to thousands of passersby each day, and our staffed Information Table provided valuable resources for prospective adoptive/foster families. Heartfelt thanks to our wonderful friends at Amtrak, Penn Station and Clear Channel for partnering with us to help find loving families for the children!

South Carolina Heart Gallery

The Heart Gallery South Carolina's in Greenville, Powdersville, Spartanburg, Simpsonville, Pickens, Laurens, Columbia, Irmo, Charleston, Summerville, Beaufort, and Myrtle Beach!

Click here to find out more about children who are waiting for a permanent adoptive family in South Carolina. There is also an online Heart Gallery.

Waiting Child Heart Gallery

Oklahoma's Waiting Child Heart Gallery On Display at Life Church in Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma Waiting Child Heart Gallery can be seen at Oklahoma City's South Life Church campus, 7800 South Walker Avenue, Oklahoma City, from November 26 until Tuesday, December 30, 2014.

Virginia Heart Gallery

Virginia's New Adoption Champion was an adopted child herself

Back in August, Governor Terry McAuliffe appointed Debbie Johnston as the new Adoption Champion for the state of Virginia. As an adopted child herself, she brings a unique perspective to that job of helping to find hundreds of children in our state forever homes.

Family Portrait of Amy and Ken and their adopted daughters

First-time parents adopt a lifetime of joy

Amy and Ken, a South Florida couple, suddenly became parents of two daughters after seeing portraits in a heart gallery at the Boynton Beach Mall and deciding to adopt. "I was nervous," said Ken, 42, about becoming a father. "I wasn't only becoming a father to one kid. I was becoming a father to two kids." But he said adopting was the best decision he has ever made.

Shakiyah's Story

Shakiyah's Story: I would like it if somebody could help me.

Arkansas Couple Becomes Adoptive Parents to 3 Siblings

Right now there are nearly 600 children in Arkansas who will spend Thanksgiving without a family. They're living in group or foster homes. Their biological parents have lost all rights and the reality is, many of the children up for adoption right now will age out of the system and never get the kind of love and support a parent can provide. At 12 years old it's something Shakiyah worries about daily.

Fast, Funny, and Bringin It Home

Jasmine Sanders On How She Found Out She Was Adopted

NYC Radio 103.9: Heart Gallery of America Photoshoot

Jasmine Sanders Video About Heart Gallery of America

Star Jasmine Sanders gives inspiring reasons on why you should consider adoption, tells part of her personal story, gives you a tour of what a photoshoot is like and lets the kids talk to your heart.


Photographer Tim Boyles speaks about photographing a child in foster care.

Eric's Photo

Tim Boyles, Tampa Bay photojournalist and Heart Gallery Photography Liaison, talks about the connection he has developed by photographing the same child, available for adoption over several years.

Willamette Christian Church

Church near Portland Oregon Partners to Present The Heart Gallery

Willamette Christian Church, in West Linn, Oregon, is partnering with Christian Family Adoptions to host the Heart Gallery. The Heart Gallery is a national organization that seeks to find forever homes for children who are available for adoption. Willamette's Adoption and Foster Care ministry mission is to provide leadership that represents the various ways believers can get involved in the lives of vulnerable children and families. We believe the Heart Gallery offers families at Willamette an opportunity to contemplate their place in this mission.

Clear Channel Spectacolor Donates Photo Exhibit to Heart Gallery NYC

Clear Channel Spectacolor and Heart Gallery NYC's Touching Photo Exhibition

Clear Channel Spectacolor and Heart Gallery NYC Support National Adoption Month

Clear Channel supporting foster care efforts in New York City

Sarah, Photographed By Martin Schoeller For Heart Gallery NYC

Photo Exhibit By @CCSpectacolor & Heart Gallery NYC Promotes Adoptions

Clear Channel Digital Billboards to Support National Adoption Month

iHeartMedia Supports National Adoption Month with Touching Photo Exhibition

8th Annual Partnership Calls Attention to Crucial Need for Adoptive Families in New York City Area

National Adoption Month Takes Center Stage in Times Square

Clear Channel Spectacolor, a brand division of Clear Channel Outdoor CCO, -0.63% , a subsidiary of iHeartMedia Inc. [IHRT], is partnering with Heart Gallery NYC, the unique non-profit organization that utilizes the talents of award-winning professional photographers to capture the spirit of children currently in the foster care system to raise awareness of the plight of foster children during National Adoption Awareness Month. Heart Gallery NYC displayed a photo exhibition in the Amtrak Rotunda at Pennsylvania Station in New York City from November 17-24.

The Truth About Foster Care Adoption

The Truth About Foster Care Adoption

When the children of South Carolina lay their head to rest at night, nearly 3,000 of them are not in their own beds at home with a parent. For South Carolina’s foster children, sometimes a temporary home is the most stable home. Out of those 3,000 children, 1,200 of them are legally available for adoption. November is National Adoption Month, and foster care adoption is plagued with more fear and misconceptions than any other area. Below are some myths and truths about foster care adoption.

Connecticut Judge Gives Adopted Little Girl a High Five

DCF Connecticut Celebrations National Adoption Day and Month

Connecticut National Adoption Month Activities include a partnership with and the DCF Heart Gallery at various locations all around the state.

80 Children Celebrate Adoption

Ceremony Finalizes The Adoption of Nearly 80 Children in San Bernardino

Families Celebrate Adoptions in Ontario

The San Bernardino Heart Gallery was on display at the Ontario Convention Center during a "Celebration of the Families Under the Big Top", which began at 12 Noon. The adoptions of a record number of children, including forty under the age of three, were finalized at the event. San Bernardino Children and Family services facilitates nearly 200 adoptions every year.

Arkansas Copule Advocates Public Adoption

Arkansas Couple Advocates Public Adoption

The Meythalers, who've adopted a half dozen children from state custody, also teach other families how to become foster and adoptive parents. They operate The Call—an adoption coaching mission. To see photographs of Arkansas children and sibling groups in need of a forever home search Arkansas Heart Gallery.

Pinellas County Celebrates Heart Gallery Adoptions

Pinellas County Celebrates Heart Gallery Adoptions

The search for a forever family is finally over for some of those kids, who were adopted on Pinellas County’s 11th annual Adoption Day celebration on Nov. 14 in the Pinellas County Justice Center in Clearwater.

Grand Canyon University Devotes Home Game to Children's Heart Gallery

Foster Care Night hits home for GCU twins

Men's basketball home game devoted to Children's Heart Gallery

Nov. 20, Texas-Arlington: Foster Care and Adoption Awareness (Partnership with Arizona Foster Care Initiative, Arizona’s Office of Faith and Community, Children’s Heart Gallery, Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation and City of Grace to raise awareness and educate fans about the opportunities surrounding adoption and foster care in Arizona.)

Heart Gallery Helps Gives Parents and Children Family They Wanted

Adoption gave us the family we, and our girls, wanted

One day, a picture of a young boy at the Heart Gallery in the Boynton Beach Mall completely captured our attention. With the help and support of ChildNet and Children’s Home Society, we began adoption training and orientation. Months passed when a call from our adoption specialist changed our lives forever. They asked if we would be interested in two young girls, sisters in fact, who were to be out of their foster home within two weeks. The moment we opened their file we knew that we had found our children.

November is National Adoption Month

Heart Gallery Alabama Raises Awareness

National Adoption Month

A group in Alabama is raising awareness about youth in foster care who need permanent homes. Heart Gallery Alabama is an organization out of Birmingham that promotes the adoption of children currently in Alabama’s foster care system. The group is holding an event today to celebrate families that have adopted. The gathering is also a chance for adoptive parents a chance to talk with families thinking of adoption. Michelle Bearman-Wolnek is the Executive Director for Heart Gallery Alabama. She says this month is great for families that have adopted.

Ja'Myren, 15, Waiting for a Permanent Home

Ja'Myren, 15, Waiting for a Permanent Home

Art Lover, Karina, Wants a Family to Add Color to Her Life

Gabby, 15, Looking for Family to Welcome Her

Heart Gallery of Central Texas Features Adoptable Children

Johnathan, 17, Needs Family to be Himself With

The Heart Gallery of Central Texas is a special program that's new to Partnerships for Children. "What it is, is a traveling art exhibit and community outreach and education initiative that focuses on the children here in Central Texas available for adoption," Partnerships for Children's Megan Ransom said. More than 30 volunteer photographers are working with Partnerships for Children to take photos of adoptable children for the Heart Gallery. "It gives our community a chance to see these children," Ransom said. "You really get to see their spirit. You get to see their smiles."

Children in need await your love

Children in need await your love

For the Haughts, the road to adoption began about four years ago when they heard about the Heart Gallery on a radio program. The gallery is one of the ways the county Department of Human Series informs the public of children who are waiting to be adopted. "We went to a meeting at the county," she said. "That's where we met the folks from Aspiranet; they gave a presentation and we liked their professionalism and their honesty."

Adoption Rhode Island

Tenth Annual Rhode Island Heart Gallery Launched!

Adoption Rhode Island Launches 10th Annual Heart Gallery at State House

Rhode Island State House Celebration: A Decade of Love!

Adoption Rhode Island Unveils Tenth Annual Heart Gallery

Adoption Rhode Island held our 10th annual State House Ceremony to celebrate adoption, to raise awareness about the children who wait, and recognize selected Rhode Island community members for their support of the hundreds of children in RI state care hoping to someday have a family to call their own. Our annual National Adoption Month celebration at the State House was Wednesday November 19. See this photo-journal of the photos, the people, the celebration, and the state house!

Foster Care Night Hits Home For GCU Twins

Foster Care Night Hits Home for GCU Twins

It will be Foster Care and Adoption Awareness Night at Grand Canyon University's basketball game Thursday, and Ahnjellyka Duque-Parks hopes more than a few fans in attendance get the message and act. For Ahnjellyka and her twin sister, Angela, it's a personal story. Seven years ago, they and their three siblings, sisters Elvia and Katalina and brother Diego, were removed from their home by authorities because of abuse and neglect and put into foster care. Now the twins are 18-year-old freshmen at GCU and thriving thanks to the love and support of their foster parents, Dave Parks and Cherry Duffy-Parks of Phoenix.


Florida United Way Teams Up With Heart Gallery to Find Kids Homes

United Way of Lee, Hendry, Glades, and Okeechobee is proud to partner with the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida. United Way will be featuring a child from the Heart Gallery every couple weeks. Please share this with people you know who may want to adopt a child. If you are interested in becoming an adoptive parent, please visit this link or call 1-855-933-KIDS (5437).

Christopher is an adorable blond-haired teenager, who always seems to have a twinkle in his blue eyes and a grin on his face. He is unable to communicate verbally, but has whispered a few words in the past few months. He is also able to convey his thoughts through sign language. He is definitely an energetic and curious young man! Christopher enjoys helicopters and airplanes. Despite his challenges, his teachers report that Christopher is making satisfactory academic progress in a class that is geared to meet his specific needs.

Heart Gallery of Missouri

Heart Gallery of Missouri Celebrates National Adoption Month

KNEM-KNMO Current News

November is National Adoption Month in Missouri. Missouri Department of Social Services, Children's Division, and the Missouri Heart Gallery, encourage families and local communities this month to raise awareness for the children waiting for adoption. This year's focus for National Adoption Month is “Promoting and Supporting Sibling Connections” Department of Social Services Director Brian Kinkade, says, every child deserves to have the opportunity to grow and develop in a stable home and be surrounded by a family that loves, encourages, and supports them. Missouri has approximately 1,500 children in the state who are currently waiting and hoping to find forever homes with loving families. The Children's Division is always looking for nurturing, loving individuals who would be interested in becoming foster parents and opening their home to children in need. To find out more information about foster parenting, call 1-800-554-2222.

tennis tournament

Avison Young's 5th Annual Tennis Tournament Raises $22,600 for the Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay

Avison Young, the world's fastest-growing commercial real estate services firm, raised $22,600 at its 5th Annual Charity Tennis Tournament on Nov. 14th to benefit the Children's Board Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay, a unique photographic exhibit created to raise awareness of Tampa's foster children and to find forever families for the children in foster care.

Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange

My name is Edward. You can call me Eddie. I LOVE to build things with LEGOs!

My name is Brandie. I am not a fan of vegetables, but I love pizza and fruit!

Eddie is 10 and loves to be on the go. His favorite activities are playing with cars, drawing, watching cartoons, building with blocks, and playing with action figures — especially Transformers.

Brandie is an 11 year old kind and funny Massachusetts girl. Brandie is a child who can talk about her likes and dislikes honestly and openly. She is one of over 120,000 children and teens are in foster care in the United States, waiting to be adopted. During National Adoption Month, our traveling 'Heart Gallery' display of waiting children in Massachusetts will be at South Station through Nov. 24.

Klicks for Kids

Klicks for Kids Photography Gallery At Exploration Place in Wichita

Klicks for Kids is a photography exhibit featuring the images of some of the nearly 900 Kansas children in foster care needing adoption. The gallery is a collaborative effort by Adopt Kansas Kids and the Kansas Professional Photographer's Association. The exhibit can be seen at Exploration Place, 300 North MacLean Boulevard, Witchita, Kansas

Focus On The Family

Focus on the Family Hosts the Heart Gallery for Colorado's Waiting Kids

Focus On The Family Hosts Heart Gallery For Colorado's Waiting Kids

Focus on the Family Hosts the Heart Gallery for Colorado’s Waiting Kids

Focus on the Family is hosting the annual Heart Gallery at the ministry's Welcome Center. It features professional photographs of Colorado children in the foster care system awaiting adoption. This marks the eighth time Focus has featured the Heart Gallery and comes at the beginning of National Adoption Month. Behind every photograph in this gallery is a child asking for a loving home," said Kelly Rosati, vice president of Community Outreach and an adoptive mom of four. "Many of these kids live in foster homes, moving frequently and without a sense of permanence in their lives. We're hoping that some of them will find 'forever homes' as a result of the Heart Gallery."

Indiana Heart Gallery

Indiana Heart Gallery Works With Many Agencies Across the State to Help Adoptions

Heart Gallery Visits Stone's Hill Church in Ligonier, Indiana, December 5 - 15

Indiana Heart Gallery Displayed in the Marion Public Library, Dec. 8 - 22

Indiana Heart Gallery's Current Showing Schedule

The Indiana Heart Gallery was created by the Indiana Department of Child Services in 2007 as one way to help these incredible children share their stories and hope of joining a family and encourage families to adopt. Many of the foster children featured in the gallery are older or special needs children, minorities, or members of a sibling group. All are considered hard-to-place children. Our goal is to keep the Heart Gallery moving until all of the children are adopted!

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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