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Kentucky Foster Care & Adoption: The Facts You Need In Campbell County

Have you ever thought about changing the life of a child by becoming a foster parent? Feel free to come to a free informational event to learn more or explore other ways you can help. A representative from the DCCH Center for Children & Families will present an informational session about the qualifications and requirements to become a foster or adoptive parent. Ages 18 & up. Registration required. Campbell County Library - Carrico/Ft. Thomas Branch 1000 Highland Avenue, Fort Thomas, Kentucky 41075 For more information call (859) 781-6166 or visit

Learn More About Adoption From Those Who Have Done It!

Please join us for our monthly adoption support group. All prospective adoptive parents, and adoptive parents are welcome to join. Kiddos are welcome to attend, we have child care! UPDATE: WE HAVE A NEW LOCATION. SUPPORTING HEARTS WILL NOW MEET AT THE CLEARWATER YMCA. PLEASE SEE OUR OTHER EVENTS TO LEARN MORE AND RSVP. THANK YOU! - Heart Gallery Team

Tampa Florida Family Adopts 9 Children to Keep Siblings Together

A Tampa family is adopting nine siblings from foster care in order to keep the siblings all together. 28-year-old Peggy Smith and her husband had no kids. In a matter of moments, they now have four children. "We thought it was crazy, but we thought why not? Why not this family?" said Peggy Smith. The young couple saw a simple Facebook post from the Heart Gallery of Tampa. The post showed the eight siblings and stated they have a family bond so tight they cannot be split up. "Why not us? We're young. We have a beautiful home. Why not help these kids out and grow our family this way?" said Smith.

Finding forever homes through the Heart Gallery in San Diego's Balboa Branch Library

A collection of photographs designed to touch your heart, the "Heart Gallery" is traveling to local libraries, to raise awareness about the need for adoptive families. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what better place than a library to showcase special portraits. The "Heart Gallery" features the beautiful faces of foster children hoping to find a forever family. "It's very eye catching," said Ann Gomez, branch manager at the Balboa Branch Library. Ann says the decision to host the "Heart Gallery" was an easy one to make. "I thought, 'of course, we'd love to do this,'" said Ann. "I can't see any better way to get it out to the community than having it right here in the library."

S.J. Tuohy shares impact of adoption at Heart Gallery Event

Some families are hesitant to consider adopting older children out of foster care because they are concerned about how it might affect their biological kids, or they are wary that foster kids might have additional challenges. Luckily, the Tuohy family didn't let those assumptions overtake their decision when they brought Michael Oher into their home and eventually adopted him to be the big brother to their children S.J. and Collins. Their story was told onscreen in the hit movie "The Blind Side." S.J. Tuohy, the real-life son of Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, will be in Wichita Falls Feb. 18 at First Baptist Church. S.J.'s firsthand account of Oher's story is as captivating in person as it is onscreen. Onstage, S.J. explores the importance that charity, faith, and drive have had in his life. His tell stories of coming of age within the Tuohy household. He encourages those who are listening to cherish kindness and hard work.

Girl’s undue jailing exemplifies plight of foster youth in custody

A 14-year-old foster youth arrested at a long-troubled San Joaquin County children's shelter was held in jail for weeks after a court had approved her release, simply because child welfare officials were unable to find a suitable home for her. The girl's incarceration ended abruptly Wednesday, hours after a reporter contacted officials at the local juvenile hall to inquire about her case. But the problem of youths being locked up because they have no parents to retrieve them and no placement in the foster care system underscores the serious consequences often facing children arrested at state-licensed facilities.

Foster Homes Overwhelmed By Opioid Epidemic

Florida foster care providers are struggling to keep up with the number of children entering the system as a result of opioid-related deaths. The opioid epidemic has been the center of debate recently, but one important group is often left out of the conversation. As parents overdose, are sent to jail or die, children are forced to enter an already-burdened foster care system.

Looking for love -- at the mall

MILFORD, Conn. (AP) — Connecticut's Department of Children and Families is using Valentine's Day to open an exhibit of photographs featuring children waiting to be adopted. The Heart Gallery exhibit opens Wednesday at the Connecticut Post Mall in Milford. Agency officials say it's an opportunity to increase awareness and hopefully interest in adoption. A phone app, called "Live Portrait" will allow those viewing the exhibit to get information and videos of the children featured in the photographs.

Opinion: Congress Did Something Remarkable for Foster Children

The new law seeks to rebalance a particularly difficult dynamic at play in the foster care system. The division modifies various options available to case workers. As the law was drafted in Congress, lawmakers heard testimony about how the lack of options for caseworkers is one of the great stressors associated with the job — one that has, not coincidentally, extraordinary turnover. Previously the law set up a system where all incentives lead toward breaking up the family, even though studies show doing so produces far worse outcomes. The new law balances that incentive by giving caseworkers some meaningful things they can actually do. Now they’ll be able to offer addiction treatment and counseling, parenting support services or moving the child in with close family. 1. revises funding and eligibility requirements with respect to foster-care prevention services and programs; 2. limits federal funding for placements that are not in foster-family homes; 3. provides for grants to support the recruitment and retention of high-quality foster families; 4. provides for social-impact partnerships; 5. extends and otherwise revises various other programs; and 6. modifies provisions related to foster-care maintenance payments, evidence-based kinship navigator programs, family-reunification services, interstate case processing, regional-partnership grants, qualified residential-treatment programs, records checks, adoption assistance, child-support enforcement, and prison-data reporting.

In Florida's Polk, Hardee, and Highlands Counties, Become A Foster Friend

For those that want to be involved but may not be ready to make the commitment to become a foster parent, we have the Foster Friends program! Foster Friends is a group of community volunteers that have stepped up to support our foster homes. The role of a Foster Friend can vary in many ways, from babysitting so the foster parents have some time out, to providing meals or even mentoring a child.

Princess for a Day is looking for volunteers

Live in or near Lane County, Oregon? Every year, A Family For Every Child sponsors Princess for a Day, a special day for foster girls to be pampered as though they were royalty. It would not be possible without dedicated volunteers who can help: hair dressers, makeup artists, find and cultivate sponsors, and help do all the organization and work to make this special day happen. Make a commitment for just one day (Sunday, March 4) and bring joy to children who need it.

Kansas Klicks for Kids Heart Gallery visits Overland Park

The Klicks for Kids Exhibit can be seen at the Blue Valley Library. Klicks for Kids is a traveling photography exhibit featuring Kansas children in foster care needing adoption.

Happy Valentines From SC Heart Gallery

February is the month with that special day to show the people around you that you care! There are over 460 children, in South Carolina, also waiting for someone to show that they care. Can you be an advocate to help find these kids a family? Be a part of an effort to care; call us for more information at 1-803-734-2595. Or visit one of our websites above.

The Heart Gallery Visits 3 Locations In Tell City, Indiana

The Indiana Heart Gallery is a traveling photo exhibit featuring compelling portraits of children in need of adoptive families and it is making a stop at several locations in Tell City: Hauenstein's, Everybody Fitness, and the Perry County Chamber of Commerce. The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) created the Heart Gallery in 2007 with the goal of sharing the beautiful professional portraits along with stories about children in foster care in Indiana. This initiative helps put a face on a sometimes invisible need and reminds families that adoption changes lives.

In New York, 'Forever families' are preferred over foster care

"Hi Mom. Hi Dad. I'm home!" Many children and parents eagerly await this joyful shout. It reflects the value of family, a loving home and a network of support and stability. This simple phrase is one that hundreds of children awaiting parents yearn to say. And while some older children, sibling groups and kids with special needs may be successfully adopted, many more will not.

Hello from the Heart Gallery!

The Heart Gallery serves as a bridge between children and families. For many families, it is their first step on the road to adoption. These pictures connect children to their forever families. We have 31 Heart Galleries in Lane County. This is 31 opportunities to help a foster child find their forever family. 31 locations of hope!

Missouri Posts Heart Gallery Booklet, Describing the Missouri Procedure, Online

There are currently more than 1,200 Missouri children in foster care who are unable to return to their biological parents and are in need of adoptive parents to provide a permanent home and a family to help them move forward in their life. That’s why in 2006, Missouri began the Heart Gallery project. The Missouri Heart Gallery helps children in foster care who are waiting for adoptive families to step from the shadows into the light in a unique way. Missouri Adoption Heart Gallery and the website feature stirring portraits of these children which reveal their amazing spirit and individuality.

More foster, adoptive parents needed for special needs children

Bill and Teresa Long are a one-income family, with him working long hours at the local utility company in Blount County. They told Local 8 News they are thankful they have been able to provide a home for five adopted children so far, and they want more. Bill Long said, "God is the one who's in control. When you ask for children, you'd better say how many. If not, he'll just keep sending them to you." The couple said they're proud that their son, Eli, is thriving in school and church life, with a special interest in math, drawing and music. The Longs said he's made tremendous academic progress since he came to live with them.

With close to 400 foster kids in Potter and Randall Counties, CPS needs foster parents

There are close to 400 children in Randall and Potter County who are in foster care. They are forced to split up siblings because there are not enough foster homes. "A lot of people pull away from foster care and allowing those children into their homes because it is a painful reality to say goodbye to those kids when they do go back to family," said Whitney Rel, Foster Parent. "It is just a natural selfish instinct to protect your heart and we have had to work pretty hard to overcome that instinct and to open our hearts to those kids who just need it. They need to love. They need the safety of a good home."

How Protestant Churches Are Involved with Adoption and Foster Care

About 4 in 10 Protestant churchgoers say their congregation has been involved with adoption or foster care in the past year, according to LifeWay Research. That may be because the Bible tells them to, said Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research. "Foster care appears to come naturally for churchgoers," he said. "It's not surprising, since the Bible commands them to care for widows and orphans." Since the early 2000s, many Protestant churches have commemorated Orphan Sunday every November to draw attention to the plight of orphans around the world.

Lexus from Heart Gallery Tennessee: My Face Hurts So Much From Smiling!

Six months ago our Tennessee Kids Belong team had the honor of meeting Lexus at one of their #ibelongproject video shoots. She said that day that she dreamed of learning to ice skate. Well, who... Take a look at Lexus' face, please. She was surprised last week to meet the Olympic ice skater and Middle Tennessee resident Scott Hamilton. Lexus told the staff from Tennessee Kids Belong, who do the Heart Gallery videos for children in full guardianship, that she wanted to learn to ice skate. When her video was posted online, someone who knows Hamilton asked him if he would give her a lesson. And, he did.

Live in Central Texas? Get Started

Texas Residents: There is no charge to attend a foster care/adoption information meeting in your area. No reservation is needed. The foster care and adoption information meetings are open to the public.

Louisiana Heart Gallery

With the help of many gifted professional photographers around Louisiana who volunteer their time and talent, we are able to capture the children's outside and inner beauty through professional photographs. We display these pictures on a traveling exhibit in local Louisiana churches and here on this site where we advocate for permanent loving homes through adoption for each child.

Zach  Needs A Forever Family: Update

Zach is a respectful young man who likes being outside or playing video games, but is always open to trying new things. He is intelligent and does very well academically. Zach does best when he feels supported and understood. Zach will thrive in a home where he can receive unconditional love and support with a family that understands how trauma may affect a child. He will do best with a family that is trauma-informed with preferably an elder sibling, or siblings. The family should set clear rules, boundaries, and expectations and be willing to assist Zach in learning how to be a part of a family.

We have found this program beneficial in finding families for our children. We ask that as you view the children, consider that they live in our communities. Respect their right to privacy, and be aware that they may attend school or church, or play at the local park with your children and relatives. The availability of their pictures leaves our children recognizable and vulnerable to negative attention. Although we strive to protect them, we need your help. Thank you!

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